Radiesse – Volumising Filler


Welcome Back Your Own Natural Collagen

The ideal way to achieve wrinkle reduction is by replenishing lost volume. With RADIESSE® volumising filler, you welcome back your own natural collagen to smooth out the signs of aging. The unique formulation of RADIESSE® volumising filler stimulates collagenesis – the production of new collagen – which results in increased volume that may last a year or more in many patients. Because of this natural way of wrinkle correction, RADIESSE® volumising filler is more and more becoming the favorite injectable filler of cosmetic surgeons, estheticians and other medical professionals for long-lasting rejuvenation.

The RADIESSE® volumising filler difference:

Immediate correction of moderate to severe wrinkles

Stimulates the body’s own natural collagen production

Feels soft and looks natural

Provides results that last a year or more in many patients

Allows an easy and convenient procedure, back to normal activities in no time

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